Retail needs to reinvent itself and how it serves customers. The fusion of digital and physical experiences continues to accelerate the adoption of digital capabilities.

Pressures include the need to reduce costs, empower employees, reinvent high street spaces, and build customer loyalty. Customer experience is critical. It must be seamless, personalised, and immediate.

Retail Market Trends

Physical stores are key to successful unified retail commerce. These fulfilment hubs are crucial to delivering a profitable, seamless customer experience. This is where frontline workers, digital technology and customers meet. Where technology can maximise efficiency and effectiveness to deliver real-time value.

Retail organisations need to replace outdated processes and legacy technology and transform to a digital business that can survive and thrive. Deliver a pleasurable, valuable shopping experience, both online and in the real world, through innovation.

Proper use of advanced analytics and AI enables retail to put the customer at the heart of everything. Understand market trends and challenges, as well as what customers want, and move away from traditional production and sales models, to meet these ever-changing demands.

Consumer attitudes are shifting away from cheaper, fast fashion and mass production models to more sustainable, environmentally aware modes of shopping. Customers care more about where products come from, how they are sourced and made, and what the supply chain is. Traceability is a critical capability required to deliver on climate promises & achieve science-based targets to reduce emissions.


Productivity & optimisation

Enabling a modern workplace, using the best enterprise apps, and delivered on the right platforms ensures increased productivity and optimisation of technology, processes, and people. Tracking, capturing, and analysing business intelligence through fully integrated, secured networks and systems delivers workflow automation, collaboration, and innovation.

Scalability & flexibility

Optimised apps, platforms, processes and datafication enables scalability and flexibility to meet ever-changing demands within the market, from the workforce and supply chain to customers and end consumers.

Customer loyalty & advocacy

Delight your customers with seamlessly connected channels and physical spaces, to deliver an engaging, immediate customer experience. Stay one step ahead with predictive analytics and business intelligence to help in uncertain times. Build loyalty and advocacy from across your customers both existing and new.

Innovation & long-term growth

To survive and thrive in a competitive and disruptive market, retail organisations must be able to reinvent themselves and use technology to innovate. Achieving this takes the right mix of platforms, apps, skills, processes, and data intelligence.

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