Helping a Wholesaler Achieve 80% Faster Processing

The IT platform supporting FPS’ ERP software was under performing. And crucially, their reputation for service excellence and fast despatch was at risk. But by moving to our innovative managed services solution, and by working closely with their ERP software provider, KCS, we have revolutionised performance. Now, customers receive their orders from FPS faster than ever before.

Improving Performance Without Breaking Budgets

The results have been impressive. Since moving to the private cloud, compute-heavy reporting processes have reduced from 4 hours to 40 minutes. Previously, this required a systems blackout for 4 hours every night.


Stats are equally impressive across the board. For example, running weekly invoicing used to take 4½ hours, but now takes just 1 hour.


Additionally, replenishing stock is now 10x faster, sales order processing 5x faster and e-commerce transactions a phenomenal 20x faster.


Working creatively, we’ve helped FPS come up with a better answer – by significantly improving performance without increasing budget.


Managed Services Solution Overview

  • SaaS ERP delivered via a private cloud

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