Evolving Flexible Working for PPL PRS

22 Jan 2021 Not-for-Profit

Flexible working is the cornerstone to PPL PRS’ IT strategy. It is key to helping them cast the widest net, to attract the best staff, in order to maximise royalties for music creators and producers. Their plan was always to evolve their flexible working further, but the onset of the pandemic made this an urgent priority.


PPL PRS already had a scalable modern workplace thanks to our greenfield design of their head office in Leicester.  But switching to a full remote working model almost overnight relied heavily on the strong partnership between PPL PRS and Telefónica Tech: “We transitioned 250 people to working from home in three days, it was really incredible,” explained Kevin Messenger, Technology Service Manager for PPL PRS. “While moving quickly was important, we didn’t want any short-term actions to come back to bite us. And that’s where having your guidance is really starting to pay dividends.”


Our recent Service Delivery improvements have had a significant impact on building a strong partnership between the teams. “Working closely with the Service Delivery Team has got us into good shape.  There is a clear understanding of who does what, and who is best placed to provide the fastest response.” In turn, this has created a positive halo-effect for how they work with other suppliers.

IT relationships can sometimes feel as if they are just ticking over,  But you guys make us feel like our relationship is of real value. We are always learning from each other and will always listen and respect each other’s ideas.



Ultimately, flexible working is helping PPL PRS provide a healthy work-life balance for employees to feel valued. And for their Technology Team, the relationship with their counterparts at Telefónica Tech has created an ongoing loop of optimisation.  Our Service Delivery Manager commented, “Seeing if there’s an extra percentage to improve has become the norm. For example, our recent security review and simulated phishing exercise, has helped to harden security above industry standards; a cost effective quick win.” 

Frequent text messages, automated maintenance alerts and Power BI reporting, together with scheduled review meetings, play an important part in creating an effective working partnership based on transparency and open communication.

The relationship between the Technology Service Manager and our onsite engineer is particularly valued: “We treat him as one of our own. He’s always got the answer I need, he understands our values and end users all really respect him.” 

The progress made has proved so effective that now the parent organisations of PPL PRS view them as trusted innovators. The way they are evolving their flexible working strategy, moving away from a desktop world towards flexible mobile devices, is viewed as a blueprint for the wider music licensing group to adopt. Key results include:

  • Secure, flexible working for employees
  • A continuous loop of optimisation
  • Ongoing innovation

The Telefónica Tech relationship means a lot to us. It takes away a lot of pressure internally and you guys provide a skill set and knowledge into our business that would probably end up costing us four or five full time people. So, everything you provide for us is invaluable.



  • IaaS
  • Security support
  • BaaS
  • CSP Licensing: Software and solution licensing to provide services
  • End User Devices
  • 24x7x365 Systems Monitoring and Alerting
  • Business Hours Service Desk, including incident management
  • Service & Change Management
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Onsite Support Engineer

† The customer reference was provided prior to CANCOM in the UK&I becoming Telefónica Tech in the UK&I and the names have been changed for ease of reference.

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