Citrix on Azure Builds Strong Foundation for Guide Dogs

Since 2012 we have helped Guide Dogs build a stronger IT foundation. Firstly, we helped them modernise their Windows environment. Next, we made their Data Centre more secure and resilient.

Finally, in our latest project we are set to lay an even stronger foundation with Windows 10 and Citrix on Azure.


Hybrid IT Foundation for Innovation


Guide Dogs competes with over 160,000 other charities in England and Wales for donations. So, it is critical, their brand is top of mind with the General Public.


They also need to constantly innovate to provide the best services to those they support. To do this, they need the right Hybrid IT foundation.

Technology helps drive ROI

A strong Hybrid IT foundation is a key element for all of their future innovation projects. For example, a single source CRM, a new website platform and ever-more innovative services such as an app to match dogs with owners.

Guide Dogs, see technology as key to helping them drive return on investment. For example, a key overhead is the cost of the Guide Dogs themselves. £58,000 is the figure each dog is valued at.
By using technology such as Fitbits for dogs they can monitor fitness levels and working patterns. In turn, this will help extend a dog’s life by 6 months. Plus there is a social return too, by helping owners keep their much-loved dogs for longer.

Solution Overview

Design and build of Windows 10, Citrix VDI on Azure, including;

  • Active Directory in Azure, migration and optimisation of VDI tools
  • O365 + EUC to foster collaboration between 1,500 Head Office employees, Training Centres, Mobility Teams and 16,000 volunteers
  • Thin clients  to reduce IT CAPEX and real estate
  • Modern Workplace-as-a-Service  to keep systems and security up-to-date
  • Project Services  to help Guide Dogs maintain BAU and project work streams
  • Asset Recycling and Upcycling  to drive up sustainability

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