Improved Visibility of Security

As part of a UK charity’s continuous efforts to improve their cyber security, they sought the assistance of Telefónica Tech to deploy a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. With our expert assistance and Sentinel Accelerator, they swiftly established a SIEM solution, gaining improved oversight of their entire IT setup.

The Challenge

Rapid SIEM Deployment

Telefónica Tech’s Sentinel Accelerator provided the charity with a fast and effective SIEM solution. As their trusted Microsoft Cloud Solution provider, Telefónica Tech used their deep understanding of the charity’s existing IT to deliver a powerful cloud-based security suite. Typically, setting up a SIEM system can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. But with our in-house Sentinel Accelerator solution, our skilled team was able to install a SIEM exceptionally quickly.

The Solution

Greater Threat Protection with SENTINEL

The rapid SIEM deployment was made possible by our seamless API connection to the customer’s environment. Throughout the deployment, we meticulously ensured there were no conflicts or problems. After rigorous testing and validation, we successfully completed the installation. Our meticulous preparation, which involved thorough requirement checks and our deep understanding of the charity’s Azure environment, paid off as we executed a seamless rollout. Subsequently, in a show-and-tell meeting, we demonstrated the flow of incoming logs and the swift creation of instances in response to issues identified within those logs.

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