Helping organisations harness their data to stay one step ahead

Whether that means an analytics strategy, designing a data governance strategy, building and evolving a data and AI platform, or managing a data and analytics platform for our customers. We are a data analytics partner that organisations can rely on to keep them effortlessly at the cutting edge, no matter how fast technology evolves.


Adatis, the data division of Telefónica Tech within the UK and Ireland, was acquired in March 2022.

Data consultancy services

We offer professional services specialising in advanced data analytics, from enterprise data management strategy and consultancy through to world class delivery and managed services.


Adatis is a certified Data and AI Microsoft Solutions Partner specialising in AI & Machine Learning and Analytics

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Guide: Envisioning a future with responsible AI

Generative AI is revolutionising the way we work, yet it’s crucial to avoid rushing into innovation without a strategy and appropriate governance in place.


We’ve created this guide that explores the key priorities for ensuring responsible, effective, and inclusive integration of AI across the business. Explore how the right strategy will effectively prepare you for this new era of productivity.

Our Data Services

Our advisory services deliver valuable, practical and, most importantly for clients, actionable guidance to help your organisation make the most out of its important data assets.

Our accelerate services allow you to jump start your initiative with proven, templated approaches to reduce your deployment time and your data teams gain insights, quicker.

From data migration & application integration to modern data warehouses, through to advanced analytics technologies, Power BI and data science & AI solutions, Adatis are able to help you wherever you are on your data transformation journey.

Our managed service is tailored to provide an operation that will seamlessly link in with your data & analytics development cycle. Let our industry experts operate, optimise and evolve your cloud, data and AI platform allowing you to focus on your business.

About Adatis

Founded in 2006, we wanted to be a company who only gave advice it believed in, where people genuinely enjoyed coming to work every day and who delivered great projects on exciting tech. 

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved over more than 16 years, especially the team we’ve built at Adatis


In October 2021 we were acquired by Incremental Group, taking the organisation and value we deliver for our customers to another level. In March 2022, Incremental was acquired by Telefonica Tech powering the next phase of our growth.

Whether your organisation requires a major modernisation initiative, a one-off data-driven innovation project, or an initial proof of concept, we’ll build the architecture to make it happen. With expert support and full knowledge transfer throughout the process.


  • Data Architecture
  • Data Science
  • Data as a Service
  • Modern Data Platform
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Strategy
  • Predictive Analytics

Our Data & AI Services involve advanced techniques to extract insights from raw data, aiding informed decision-making. Benefit from actionable insights, trend identification, and predictive analysis to optimise operations and gain a competitive edge with Telefónica Tech’s expertise.

Data Services offer comprehensive data processing, in-depth analysis, and customised insights. Telefónica Tech’s expertise ensures accurate interpretation, enabling strategic decisions beyond what basic tools can provide.

Data & AI Services are valuable across industries, including finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and more. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, Telefónica Tech tailors solutions to your unique data needs.

Telefónica Tech’s Data & AI Services encompass data collection, transformation, analysis, and actionable recommendations. Our team utilises cutting-edge tools and techniques to uncover insights data, helping you make informed decisions that foster business growth and improve business performance.

Our Data Insights