Scaling with Demand: 70 New Customers in 3 Years

ERP Software Provider Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS) knew there was potential to grow their business. But their current shared cloud platform was holding them back. So, we took a new approach, breaking through previous constraints, to drive business growth with private cloud hosting.

Pioneering Thinking Leads to Exponential Growth

Capacity now scales effortlessly to match demand from a private cloud, hosted in our leading UK Data Centre. So, thankfully, performance is no longer the frustrating issue it once. Additionally, Kerridge’s customers have they flexibility they need. For example, they now choose the connection option that’s best for them. Whether that’s a private leased line, VPN, or for ultimate performance, a dedicated platform. Our partnership continues to evolve. To illustrate this point, we now offer support services, such as Disaster Recovery and Remote Management, directly to Kerridge’s own customers.

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