Faster Data for Smarter Investing

For this online financial trading organisation storage had become expensive and time consuming to maintain. Now, with our help, they have high-performance Flash Data storage plus robust global support.

As a result, they are scaling new heights of data efficiency, and with comprehensive support in place they are offering financial investors the best online trading experience, any time of the day or night.

Storage that Scales with Business Demands

The new flash data storage solution has made a significant difference to business and IT operations. For example, storage performance and responsiveness improved across the board. The IT Production DBA team noticed the difference straight away. Now, batch operations run faster than ever, this has a beneficial knock-on effect. Different teams, services and projects now have additional capacity needed to work faster.


Furthermore, they can dig much deeper into data. By plugging API’s into analysis tools they get insight in real time. And because all areas are fully supported by us, their IT team is free to switch their focus to innovation.


Importantly, without this investment, their existing storage platform would have struggled to keep pace with the demands of the business. But now, they have the solid foundation needed for future growth and innovation.

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