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The stakes for healthcare couldn’t be higher. The wrong technology decision could have a profound effect on critical care systems – and that puts people’s health and lives at risk.

Revolutionising the framework that connects patients with healthcare providers, that creates a safety net, and that drives efficiency at scale isn’t about big flashy ideas or brave experiments. It’s about a trusted hand to support our partners in healthcare. It’s about experience and rigour. It’s about expertise.


When you need scalable healthcare technology that advances you and your patients, we get the tech stack right. Because lives depend on it.

A trusted partner in health

We know healthcare from the inside out. We understand its vast complexity, and the need for agility even at the immense scale of a national healthcare system such as the NHS. But there is no more important purpose for technology than the protection of health and life.


Having worked extensively with over 42 NHS Trusts and a further 26 healthcare organisations, supporting more than six million patients across the UK and Ireland, we have brought together a team of dedicated health specialists and clinical partners to create a Centre of Healthcare Excellence.

The Centre leverages our deep, longstanding experience in the healthcare sector to provide transformational healthcare solutions that connect patients and medical professionals, driving efficiency while increasing safety and security of patient data and supporting innovation in health technology.


As an NHS approved supplier, we have obtained outstanding CSAT scores and our expert Healthcare team are helping Trusts work more efficiently, with improved patient care, using digital solutions including Cloud and infrastructure, Modern Workplace, Networking and Cyber Security.

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Healthcare trends explored

The pandemic may have brought unprecedented disruption to the healthcare industry, but those challenges existed before its arrival. An ageing population has accelerated demand and stretched healthcare providers beyond their capacity.


As a result, we’re seeing large variations in the availability and delivery of healthcare, with public policy solutions differing across regulatory environments, payment and reimbursement systems, all of which are contributing to the fragmentation of the industry.


Our team at the Centre of Healthcare Excellence worked with some of our key healthcare customers to review this ever-changing landscape, looking at five key healthcare technology trends and the challenges they bring:


The tech foundations for healthcare excellence

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The Electronic Health Record experts

At the heart of a truly connected healthcare system is the need for reliable, secure and effective Electronic Patient/Health Records (EPR/EHR). And in our experience, most healthcare customers need a trusted partner to successfully leverage and maximise significant EHR investment.


Telefónica Tech partners with brilliant CIOs and CTOs to make this simple and efficient – from dealing with the complex set-up, configuration and release cycles to application hosting and application integration support, minimising the pressure on networks and security.


Telefónica Tech is a proven Epic Hosting Partner, with many accredited Epic resources within our rapidly growing Epic practice. We demystify downstream complexity and bring expert skills that NHS Trusts and other providers may struggle to resource and keep. Our experts underpin delivery against aggressive timescales during deployment phases and upgrade demands.


Working collaboratively, we make sure our customers are provided with hosted environments that deliver on all the needs of healthcare providers, from efficiencies and cost savings through to improved patient outcomes.


Telefónica Tech in action

Our outcomes for the healthcare sector and the NHS have been remarkable, with tangible results including:


  • 95% first contact resolution first line
  • CSAT score of 96%
  • Epic Application Availability SLAs of 99.99% consistently achieved
  • Agile expansion of remote working solution under COVID by 80%

Hear from the customer

David Walliker, Chief Digital and Partnerships Officer
Oxford University Hospitals

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