Technology services and solutions can be hard to navigate, implement and maintain.

At Telefónica Tech, we cut through the complexity for you to create the best solution for your business. From ready-to-go solutions to ongoing partnerships, Cloud and Cyber Security to Modern Workplace delivery and Enterprise applications, our tech solutions and services make digital transformation seamless, sustainable and secure, whatever your industry.

Our end-to-end approach

We’re in this for the long-haul. Our services are comprehensive, so we can be with you throughout the process of digital transformation – and beyond.


We don’t just parachute in to create a strategy, offer a recommendation or plan a system. We immerse ourselves in your business from day one, and our people are invested in your success, going above and beyond to get you where you need to be.


We create change and we help you sustain it, embedding new technology and processes that will genuinely benefit your business and customers. We build relationships between our tech providers, their applications and our customers, simplifying the complex and offering support, advice and multi-system integration for seamless business continuity.


From strategic recommendations and implementation through to future-proofing and vision we design the solutions you need. Right from the start, and for the long term.

Our interconnected offerings

Cloud and data are an essential part of business today, but with so many options on the market and a fast-growing range of services, from storage to infrastructure and platforms, it can be hard to keep ahead. Our advisory, engineering and support solutions help you navigate your Cloud journey, from your first steps, through migration, transformation and optimisation, to becoming a fully integrated cloud-native business utilising DevOps and hybrid or multi-cloud solutions.

Every business is facing an exponential increase in data. It’s volume, sources, management requirements and risks. And it just keeps on getting bigger and more challenging. Understanding what data you have, where it comes from, and what to do with it has never been more critical. Our data consultancy services help you to analyse and accelerate your use of data. We help deliver and operate your data transformation, to optimise and evolve your cloud, data and AI platform allowing you to focus on your business.

Introducing or modernising enterprise applications is critical to transforming organisations. Implementing connected, intelligent applications and platforms to become a digital enterprise. Our consultancy, professional, and managed services support you with strategy, governance, review, migration, and rollout. We empower your people to discover insights, automate business processes and turn intelligence into action.

The workplace is no longer purely a nine-to-five office space, as technology has opened up opportunities to for your users to work anywhere, anytime. Our Modern Workplace solutions ensure that wherever they are, they can collaborate effectively and frictionlessly, remaining totally engaged while maintaining the security of your applications and data. With our experience and expertise in delivering the Modern Workplace in an accessible, easy-to-manage package allows you to focus on changing the world the way you want. For good.

Nothing is more important to the integrity of your business than security. But cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to breach your walls, with immense, far-reaching and complex consequences. Our portfolio of Cyber Security solutions is designed to help you tackle the technical and financial challenges of protecting your business and responding to security threats. From advisory and assessments to Managed SOC and MDR services, our expert security solutions supplement your existing approach to help you build and execute a powerful long-term security strategy.

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