Paving the way for AI-driven Information Management in Healthcare

Mizaic are revolutionising the clinician: patient experience at the point of care with their Electronic Document Management System built for the NHS,  to support the journey to paperless and advanced digital maturity.  Thanks to Telefónica Tech, Mizaic now has a reliable, scalable high-performance cloud environment that supports the consistent day-to- day reliability of their software.  This will also facilitate future AI-driven innovation to advance the digital maturity of the leading NHS Trusts they support.

The Challenge

A cloud fit for leading-edge tech


Despite being an early adopter of cloud technology, Mizaic’s Chief Technology Officer knew to realise the future roadmap they needed to evolve their existing cloud foundation. Their previous cloud provider fell short in both the flexibility and range of services required.  They needed a cloud that offered the flexibility of additional services, such as native hosting for platforms like Kubernetes, and the capability to support future AI and Machine Learning applications. It was also key to be able to effortlessly scale and resize compute capacity up and down for any workload.  As recognised Azure Experts, Mizaic turned to Telefónica Tech to support the transition from their current cloud platform to an enhanced solution on Azure.

The Solution

Improving system reliability and reducing support queries

The Telefónica Tech team swiftly helped Mizaic execute their migration plan to Azure, helping them to complete the transition within a remarkable 6-week timeframe. By rapidly designing and building a best practice Azure Enterprise Landing Zone, Mizaic was able to migrate all hospital Trust MediViewer services to the Azure platform and establish an enterprise landing zone to efficiently host multiple hospital Trusts within a single Azure tenant. Additionally, a strategic shift from the pay-as-you-go model to a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) arrangement was also initiated via Telefónica Tech to help Mizaic gain greater value in the cloud.  Telefónica Tech’s proactive setup of the Azure tenant was a testament to best practice. So much so that the Mizaic internal technical team, even though they were new to Azure, required minimal assistance during the smooth in-house migration process.

Outcomes summary

  • Support tickets and calls were reduced by 25%
  • Speed to scale infrastructure for data ingestion reduced from 0.5 days to 2-3 minutes.
  • Improved platform manageability and reliability
  • Rapid 6-week migration to Azure

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