The public sector is faced with many challenges that can be addressed, improved and even removed through the better use of technology.

Public Sector Market Trends

Delivering a digitally enabled experience to citizen’s is critical to effective and efficient government. Embracing a full ‘as a Service’ model, modernising legacy systems and creating new services. To achieve this requires extensive digital infrastructure, enabling the workforce and citizens to become digitally savvy, and ensuring access and connectivity for all citizens.

Building user-centric, easily accessible and high value government services on a common core infrastructure of shared digital systems, technology and processes. Delivered via standardised building blocks and technology components that are uniform within countries and across geographic regions.

Enabling better responses and service delivery to address specific issues or challenges rather than siloed around departmental structures. Access to shared data is essential to help address complex societal issues that touch multiple areas of government. Using technology to co-ordinate, collaborate and link up departments across local and central government.

Creating a common data source that is shared across departments outside of traditional boundaries is critical. Harvesting, combining and sharing of data will enable government to deliver better outcomes for the whole of society. The continued emergence of Open Data will also fuel the information environment that public services can rely on and use together.


Engaged citizens

Connected data, apps and service delivery will increase citizen engagement and satisfaction. Real-time, accurate and secure services will improve lives and benefit society. Enabled through the right mix of platforms, apps, data intelligence, AI and cyber security. Making government services the best online experiences and providing multiple digital “touch points”.

Efficient & effective delivery of services

Digital transformation and radically evolving from legacy platforms will deliver more efficient and effective public sector services, saving money whilst doing more. Enabling data to be accessed outside the traditional departmental boundary, rather than “owning” it directly, delivers real-time access, agility, cost reductions and improved accuracy.

Improved societal outcomes

Collaborative engagement, fully connected data, and universally accessible digital services can help tackle widespread problems across society. No organisation or government department can address the daunting catalogue of urgent challenges that society faces on its own. From unemployment and public health to poverty and climate change.

Meeting future challenges

Digital enablement, data intelligence, AI and machine learning can reimagine and transform critical government services such as social care and education. Redefining the social safety net to address an aging population. Changing education and expanding it beyond school age students to help retrain and expand skillsets to meet the changing demands of the employment market.

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