Boosting the Efficiency of GLA Post Approvals with New Power App

The Greater London Authority (GLA) post approval process was manual, time-consuming, and often created inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and delays. As part of its transformation programme, the GLA initiated a project to automate a key HR process, for creating, deleting, or amending staff posts. Telefónica Tech supplied development expertise to deliver the GLA Post Approvals App.  Built using the Microsoft Power Platform, the GLA App has led to a streamlined and efficient new process that has saved significant effort for staff tasked with managing this process.

The Challenge

Community Support

Reducing Wasted Effort

Additions, deletions and other changes to staff posts within the organisation need to go through various controls involving the Finance, Legal, HR, and Chief Officer departments. These important steps ensure that public funds are allocated correctly, existing staff are consulted, and all governance and legal requirements are adhered to.


Previously, GLA relied on a Word template and email, which often led to delays in the process  and workflow and difficulties in tracking progress.

The Solution

Microsoft Power Platform

At the start, the GLA had a concept of what they needed: online forms, automated approvals, and standardised data. The ultimate objectives were for the Chief Officer to be able to use the data at an approval forum and import data into a third-party HR system. Using Power Apps, the team was able to create a minimum viable solution quickly, and then gradually update it as more requirements were identified. The customer’s Project Manager, Content Manager, UI/UX Manager, and a talented testing team worked with Telefónica Tech to bring the application to life.  Constant communication and multiple rounds of testing made sure the outcome was a successful one. The result delivered more than expected, featuring intelligent prompts, simple navigation, and automated emails. The flexibility of the system meant Telefónica Tech and GLA teams could continue to make changes until the soft launch, without any disruption to the end user.

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