More than just Cloud services

Today in business, Cloud is ubiquitous. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The decisions you make today when choosing Cloud solutions will resonate through your business for years to come. At Telefónica Tech, we listen to you from day one, to understand your precise needs and build the precise Cloud service or platform that fits your economic requirements and will drive your business forward.


But we’re more than just Cloud providers. We are experts in complex digital transformation projects, so we can help you modernise your business beyond Cloud, bringing together our connected data and cyber security services. From Cloud strategy to implementing multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud infrastructure to using data centres and providing fully managed services, whatever your growth ambition is, our Cloud offering will help you get there.


And because we work with the best Cloud partners in the business, as well as being a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, you can be sure you’re getting a category-leading solution.


Our Cloud solutions and services

Enabling your business to react to demand, Public Cloud solutions are infinitely scalable, offering consumption-based pricing and economies of scale, as well as rapid access to emerging cloud-native technologies. No matter where you are in your journey, we can support on your cloud journey forward.

While Public Cloud is for everyone, there are some workloads that need a Private Cloud or hybrid approach. With advisory services, engineering and support, as well as multi-tenant and dedicated platforms, our solutions are designed to provide the right system for your specific business needs.

Where the speed of access to compute and data resources is critical, our Data Centre and Edge Computing platform solutions bring the capabilities of Public Cloud closer to your environment, allowing for at-scale data-processing and real-time decision-making.

Data is at the heart of most businesses today, but with vast quantities from disparate sources, it can be underutilised and confusing. Wherever you are on your data transformation journey, we are able to help with everything from data migration, application integration and modern data warehouses to enterprise business intelligence solutions, Power BI and data science and AI solutions.

Our expert cloud partners

Our next-gen ways of working


Cloud Solutions leverage cloud computing for data and application management, providing cost-efficiency, scalability, enhanced collaboration, and data security. These benefits empower your business with flexible, on-demand resources, enabling you to focus on growth and innovation.

At Telefónica Tech, we offer Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Cloud-based applications to cater to diverse business needs. Our solutions ensure seamless access to resources, scalability, and data protection.

Migrating to the Cloud is simplified by Telefónica Tech. Our expert team ensures a secure and seamless transition, minimizing disruptions and risks, allowing you to harness the benefits of Cloud Solutions efficiently.

Cloud Infrastructure forms the foundation supporting Cloud Solutions, encompassing servers, storage, and networking components for high availability and scalability. A robust Cloud Infrastructure is crucial for reliable and efficient cloud-based operations.

Cloud Insights

Like Cloud, we never stand still, ensuring we are first to the latest developments in the field, contributing to thought and analysis, and leading the way at industry events. That means we can always bring you the best, most up-to-date solutions and we’ll always be ready to react to whatever changes are affecting your business. Here you’ll find some of our recent thought leadership and activity in the world of Cloud.

Cloud Case Studies

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