Making Business Travel Seamless in Azure

This global business travel organisation is well known around the world for providing outstanding service alongside state-of-the-art technology. In order to expand their business further they needed to scale quickly but without compromising service. Azure has made this possible; they can now scale global operations across different time zones while still providing “extraordinary” travel management.

Azure FastStart

Our approach was three-fold;


Firstly, using our own Azure FastStart service we quickly set up Azure with best-practice principles.


Next, we reviewed apps and systems to make sure they would be fully functional in Azure.


Finally, we built a robust, Microsoft Remote Desktop.


Now, employees get updates as soon as they are released and IT queries are resolved much faster. Wherever they are based employees get the same consistently good experience, regardless of how many users are accessing the system.

Expanding Globally with Azure

The move to Azure has allowed this global organisation to meet their expansion milestones with very little additional infrastructure investment.


Specific outcomes include:


  • 96% faster deployments, setting up a new office used to take 50-man days, but now it takes just 2 days
  • 33% more cost-efficient hosting, compared to their data centre
  • Centralised deployment is helping to grow their network without increasing IT resources
  • Logging-on now only takes seconds, whereas previously it could take up to 5 minutes in some regions.


The continuous innovation within the Azure is helping too. They can begin to adopt emerging technologies such as AI without additional investment. But above all, their travel experts can continue to provide the outstanding service for which they are known.

Solution Overview

Microsoft Azure:

  • Azure FastStart
  • Data & System migration
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop

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