Managed Disaster Recovery for Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust

25 Jan 2021 Healthcare

Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust provides healthcare to over 250,000 people across Southport, Formby, and West Lancashire. With nearly 3,000 staff, the trust provides a range of services including accident and emergency, intensive care and women’s and children’s health services. The trust is the location for the North West Regional Spinal Injuries Centre, providing specialist care for spinal patients across the North West, North Wales, and the Isle of Man.

The Challenge

Southport and Ormskirk faced major problems when their air conditioning stopped working, leading to the failure of their legacy storage array. With no alternative storage option available, and given the age of the storage array, the in-house IT team began restoring from tape back-ups. The impact was felt across the entire organisation, effecting more than 1,000 users. Among the systems effected were a range of clinical systems that were either down or had significantly slowed down; as outcomes had to be recorded on paper some departments began to struggle.

It took the IT team 90 hours to complete the restore process and a further 166 hours of overtime to get everything up and running again. It became clear that there was a need to reassess the business continuity plan and implement a disaster recovery solution.

Service Overview


Provide disaster recovery solution and reduce strain on IT department


Disaster Recovery

  • Fast Recovery and quick
  • Reduced impact on patients
  • Compliance

The Solution

The Trust put together a business case with very specific requirements, including disaster recovery, to put its infrastructure in a better position. Given the problems already faced and with a small IT team, the simplicity of the disaster recovery solution was a key driver. Additionally, there was a specific requirement not to include SAN replication or agents.

The IT team at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust are a lean department and needed the disaster recovery solution to be audit-friendly, with efficient testing procedures and documentation of all failover tests. There was a need for the IT team to be able to undertake practice failovers and to be compatible with VMs which had RDNs attached.

The Trust decided to partner with us, and to install Zerto for disaster recovery. Zerto was chosen because of the power of the testing, the speed of recovery and the simplicity; the IT department didn’t want to rely on SAN replication.

Telefónica Tech had the right level of expertise and skills and worked closely with us to provide the best disaster recovery solution that would meet our needs.



Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust now protect 100 virtual machines with Zerto. This gives the Trust a level of confidence that they will be able to recover quickly and easily from any potential events in the future.

The ability to test regularly and provide detailed reports means that the Trust are also now able to prove successful failover within their test environment, showing compliance to auditors when required. Ensuring quick disaster recovery means that the Trust is assured that there will be minimal impact and disruption to patients should a major incident ever happen again.

† The customer reference was provided prior to CANCOM in the UK&I becoming Telefónica Tech in the UK&I and the names have been changed for ease of reference.

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