We believe strongly in our corporate responsibility – to our colleagues, our customers and our community.


Our CSR focus is at the core of our company. Our success enables us to build a strong culture within our organisation, as well as, to work with our local communities to deliver positive impact.


We don’t just raise money and make donations; we also support our charities with technology and with our time and expertise. We encourage our employees to use their company volunteer days at any of our supported charities, as we believe this can benefit both the charities and our colleagues.

Our Charity Partners

We’re proud to be working together as a team to raise money and support our 2023 charity partners.

Action Mental Health

Action Mental Health aims to enhance the quality of life and employability of people with mental health needs or a learning disability.

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Children’s Charity who are solely focused on supporting children, young people and families who are victims of serious crime.

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The Greener Earth Project

We believe that planting trees is a critical tool that can support the storage of carbon emissions and protect people and environments from the impacts of climate change.


We are proud to announce that in H1 we have hired more than 100 employees and have taken steps towards preserving our environment. For every employee hired, we have planted a tree, and with our fundraising efforts this year, we have successfully planted over 400 trees so far!


The Greener Earth Project’s reforestation partners are community groups based in the planting countries. The money raised not only plants the tree, it provides a fair wage for the person planting the tree and protects the site after planting is complete.


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Making a difference

Telefónica Tech & Embrace CVOC

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People are at the core of our business and we’re proud to support the great work our Charity Partner Embrace CVoC delivers. View the discussion with our CEO Mark Gorton and Anne Campbell, CEO from Embrace on how we deliver a positive impact and enhance lives.

Charity Awards & Sponsorship

Paragon Award for Sustainability (EMEA)
Microsoft Partner Pledge - We have signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge, demonstrating our commitment to promoting the Partner PLedge's four goals: Digital Skills, Diversity, Responsible and Ethical AI, Sustainability
Aqua Aid - As a result of installing watercoolers from AquaAid within our offices we're now the proud sponsors of an Elephant Pump in Africa.
Charity Partnership Awards: Community Impact - recognising our very successful partnership with Off the Fence: Gateway Women’s Centre in Brighton & Hove.
Charity Partnership Awards: Outstanding Employee Category - celebrating the exceptional contribution of one of our Account Managers, Rhys Dickinson, for his ongoing commitment to Embrace in his work as one of their Trustees.