As the threat of fraud continues to evolve, digital transformation stands as the cornerstone of tackling fraud and preventing attacks. However, the journey toward digital excellence necessitates more than just innovative solutions; it requires a strategic partnership with a trusted ally who understands the intricacies of your industry.


As financial institutions navigate the complexities of digital evolution while safeguarding against fraud, selecting the right digital transformation partner becomes paramount.

What to look for in a partner

When evaluating potential partners for digital transformation, Financial Services organisations must prioritise expertise, security and ongoing support. An ideal partner should possess a proven track record of implementing secure and compliant digital solutions tailored to the regulatory landscape of the Financial Services sector. Integration of RegTech and AI into existing systems is paramount for seamless transitions that bolster security measures rather than compromise them.


Moreover, the partner’s commitment to continuous improvement and staying abreast of emerging threats is crucial. In the realm of fraud prevention, collaboration with a partner who prioritises ongoing support and innovation is critical.


The partner approach

Choosing a partner for your digital transformation project goes beyond a business transaction; it’s about forging a collaborative relationship with an organisation that comprehends the unique challenges of the Financial Services industry. At Incremental, we don’t just offer solutions; we become an extension of your team, accompanying you throughout your entire improvement journey. As an agile-first organisation, our accolades, including the Scottish Financial Technology Partner of the Year 2022, underscore our commitment to excellence in the Financial Services sector.


With successful projects ranging from business banking onboarding enhancements at Virgin Money to broker management solutions at Beazley, Incremental brings expertise in Business Applications and the broader Microsoft ecosystem to empower clients in achieving operational excellence and delivering tangible returns on investment.

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In the fight against fraud, a comprehensive strategy encompasses the integration of RegTech, harnessing AI for advanced detection, fostering a culture of training and compliance and selecting the right digital transformation partner. Incremental, as part of Telefónica Tech UK&I and recognised in the top 1% of Microsoft’s global network of partners, stands ready to support Financial Services organisations on their digital transformation journey.


By leveraging our expertise and commitment to excellence, Financial Services organisations can fortify their defences against fraud, safeguarding assets, reputation and client trust in an increasingly complex financial landscape. Contact us today to learn how we can empower your organisation to fight fraud and achieve its digital transformation goals effectively and securely.