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From data migration & application integration to modern data warehouses to enterprise business intelligence solutions, through to Power BI and data science & AI solutions, we are able to help you wherever you are on your data transformation journey.  

Data management

In a complex data environment, organisations may have data spread across multiple systems with no easy way to tie all the systems together to create a single view. 


Our EntityHub for Master Data Management takes complex amounts of data and translates it into understandable information. 


The 5 pillars of EntityHub for Master Data Management 

  • Data Quality 
  • Data Cleansing 
  • Reference Data Management  
  • Master Data Management 
  • Core Platform 

A big data architecture is designed to handle the ingestion, processing, and analysis of data that is too large or complex for traditional database systems. The threshold at which organisations enter into the big data realm differs, depending on the capabilities of the users and their tools. For some, it can mean hundreds of gigabytes of data, while for others it means hundreds of terabytes. As tools for working with big data sets advance, so does the meaning of big data. More often, this term relates to the value you can extract from your data sets through advanced analytics, rather than strictly the size of that data.

Use our data platform services to unlock the full value of your data, with a flexible, cloud-based platform. Machine learning. Predictive analytics. Artificial intelligence. Today’s most advanced data analytics all depend on advanced, cloud-based data warehouse platforms. The leading authority on Modern Data Platform (MDP) delivery, we can design your MDW like no one else – and then either help you build it, or build it for you.

Empower your business leaders with intuitive analytics, so they can uncover valuable insights for themselves. Your business leaders understand – better than anyone else in your organisation – what questions you should be asking your data. We can put the answers at their fingertips, with a tailored analytics platform based on Microsoft Power BI and Azure, and best practice advice on everything from running reports to driving engagement.

As a data science and machine learning Consultancy, we help clients to implement and run machine learning workloads on Azure. We also have subject matter expertise building, managing, and deploying AI solutions that leverage Cognitive Intelligence, Cognitive Search, and Bot Frameworks. We can support all phases of AI solutions development—from requirements definition and design to development, deployment, maintenance, performance tuning, and monitoring. Our teams work with solution architects to translate their vision and with data scientists, data engineers, IoT specialists, and AI developers to build complete end-to-end AI solutions.

Accelerate your integration and migration projects with our multi-purpose framework. For many organisations, digital transformation means doing more in the cloud. IT teams are frequently called upon to implement new, cloud-based applications, as well as move existing applications to the cloud. Data transformation is a key component of both types of project: Application Integration: Data from new cloud applications must be integrated with existing applications, to support end-to-end business processes and to enable timely availability of data Data Migration: Data from legacy, on-premises applications must be moved over to the new target system in the cloud environment, often in very large volumes.

The peace of mind of a modern DBA service operated by specialists. Our DBA as a Service provides a comprehensive administration service for on-premises and cloud databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL and Azure Synapse and for the breadth of critical transactional and analytical workloads. Whether you have a handful of critical operational databases or an entire enterprise estate, we can operate as a complementary specialist service to an existing in-house capability or provide a full outsourced operation. The service can also be extended to cover ancillary areas such as data processing (ETL), analytics and reporting. Knowledge of your environment is key. We establish a core team who will work directly with you day to day, with the option to scale to 24/7. We can also support with database and data processing development capability, either on-going or just when you need to boost your capacity for short periods of time.

Take advantage of a modern Power BI service operated by specialists. Our Power BI as a Service enables organisations to harness the power of data visualisation with scalable support that works for small teams with limited experience, through to enterprises with global rollouts of Power BI. Ensuring your analytics and reporting remains trusted and relevant for all.

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