What is FinOps and Why It Matters

FinOps, short for Financial Operations, is the practice of bringing financial accountability to the variable spend model of cloud computing. It’s a cultural practice that enables organisations to get maximum business value by helping engineering, finance, and business teams to collaborate on data-driven spending decisions.


Join our interactive webinar led by a certified FinOps expert for a dynamic discussion. Learn how embracing FinOps as both a set of practices and a cultural strategy drives success across all business areas.


As finance leaders, technical teams, and senior executives you’ll gain insights, strategies, and actionable techniques to optimise your cloud environment for maximum efficiency, savings, sustainability, and achieving business goals.


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What Our Webinar Will Cover

The increasing complexity of cloud environments, coupled with the need for cost transparency, operational efficiency, and business value realisation, makes FinOps an essential discipline for organisations striving to succeed in the cloud era.


We’ll cover:


  • Understanding FinOps: Learn what FinOps is and why it matters for your company.
  • Cloud Cost Optimisation: Discover strategies to cut cloud costs by up to 32% and eliminate unnecessary spending.
  • Financial Accountability: Gain insights into managing and forecasting cloud spend accurately.
  • Sustainability: Explore how FinOps promotes sustainable cloud practices.
  • FinOps on Azure: Learn how to optimise value across Microsoft Azure, and multi-cloud environments
  • Live Demo: Discover how Apptio’s Cloudability financial management system delivers comprehensive cost visibility and management across all major cloud providers.
  • Best Practice: Hear from Ross King, a FinOps Certified expert from Telefónica Tech, on best practices and real-world applications.


Who should attend:

  • CFOs & Finance Teams: Discover how to significantly cut cloud costs and gain financial visibility.
  • DevOps, SRE’s & Engineering: Explore the latest FinOps tools and technologies to optimise cloud usage, with a specific focus on Azure while ensuring strategies apply to multi-cloud environments.
  • CIOs, CTO’s & CEOs: Learn to align cloud spending with business goals while promoting sustainability.



Current FinOps Practitioner Key Priorities – Source: *State of FinOps by FinOps Foundation & **State of the Cloud Report by Flexera


Ross King, Cloud Operations Portfolio Lead, Telefónica Tech
FinOps Certified by the FinOps Foundation

Ross is a FinOps Certified expert by the FinOps Foundation, with extensive experience in cloud financial management and optimisation. His deep understanding of FinOps principles and practical applications will provide you with an understanding of the framework and Telefónica Tech services to help you to transform your cloud strategy.


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