Maximise the value from end of life IT assets and contribute to your organisation's sustainability goals

Every organisation has a responsibility to safely dispose of end of life IT assets in accordance with WEEE regulations. Some of these assets still retain some re-sale value subject to secure removal of data, and if re-purposed can contribute to CO2 reductions in line with your organisation’s sustainability goals. 


Our IT Asset Lifecycle Service involves collection, secure transportation and processing of IT assets, with removal of all data and asset/identification tags, and subsequent re-marketing to generate value. When processing assets, we use a certified 3 pass wipe method to ensure complete data erasure from data bearing devices. However, we recognise that in some cases, destruction of these devices is preferred and this too can be catered for within our service. 


We can provide reporting on the reduction in CO2 emissions created through re-purposing of your used IT assets. Our service is available in the UK, Europe and globally for both data centre and workplace assets. 


IT Governance and reduced data breach risk through certified data erasure or destruction

process applied to all IT assets, workplace and data centre

to return value to the organisation through re-purposing and re-marketing of used IT assets

to your sustainability goals by reducing CO2 emissions

Why us?


  • Extensive experience in maximising value from end of life assets
  • Secure data removal and where necessary destruction of data bearing devices
  • Certificates provided confirming successful data wiping or destruction
  • Incorporate into our IT Maintenance and Support Service for improved end to end asset management
  • Ability to cover multiple geographies with single point of management

IT Asset Lifecycle Solutions

Maximise the value of end-of-life IT assets and contribute towards your organisation’s sustainability goals all whilst ensuring secure data destruction with a transparent audit trail process for recycled devices.


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