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In today’s digital landscape, advancing your business is crucial for growth. But with an expanded attack surface, the risk of cyber threats grows. Achieving optimal performance while protecting the hybrid workforce is a delicate balance for networking and security teams.


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  • Connect & Secure your network: Key steps for enterprise-level security
  • SD-WAN & Cyber Security: Overcoming networking challenges
  • Converged SD-WAN & Cyber Security: Implementation considerations

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Prior to the proliferation of Public Cloud, the traditional network architecture supported the hosting of workloads in a providers’ data centre. Traffic was typically routed over MPLS networks and firewalled at a central breakout. As customers move workloads to Public Cloud and SaaS, these architectures are inherently secure, but inflexible and inefficient.

With application-aware devices at each network edge and an insightful Management platform, SD-WAN technology makes it possible to offer a much more flexible, dynamic and manageable WAN and creates new network architectures.

Software-defined wide area network (SDWAN) solutions transform an organisation's capabilities. By leveraging the corporate wide area network (WAN) and multi-cloud connectivity, SDWAN optimises application performance at every WAN edge.

To evolve, the enterprise requires an approach as individual as the enterprise itself, and selecting the best solution can be challenging. End user populations cluster according to diverse business criteria and uptime can be critical at flagship offices. Connectivity to sites can be unreliable and create persistent and repeating incidences which drain resources.

Networking and Security just got easier with flexWAN, our SD-WAN solution

It’s no secret that Enterprise Network Architecture is more distributed, complex, and vulnerable today than it has ever been. To rise to this challenge, Telefónica Tech and Fortinet have combined their expertise to reimagine networking and security.


Connectivity and Cyber Security for the office in a single solution

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Analyst Recognition


VERY STRONG in WAN Services Competitive Landscape Assessment - October 2022

Frost & Sullivan

TOP #7 Frost Radar™ : European Managed SD-WAN Services. - October 2021


INNOVATOR. SD-WAN Managed Services 2020-2021 RadarView™ - December 2021


Managed SD-WAN Services provide expert management and support for your Software-Defined Wide Area Network. They optimise network performance, ensure seamless connectivity across locations, and enable efficient resource allocation, enhancing your network infrastructure’s reliability and agility.

Managed SD-WAN offers benefits like improved application performance, enhanced security, simplified network management, and cost savings. It replaces complex hardware with software-driven intelligence, streamlining operations and facilitating remote access.

At Telefónica Tech, we specialise in designing and deploying Managed SD-WAN solutions with flexWAN. Our expert team assesses your network requirements, seamlessly deploys the solution, and provides ongoing monitoring and support, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal network performance.

FlexWAN powered by Fortinet

Navigating the Challenges of Cloud Security

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Insight | SD-WAN vs MPLS
Planning Your Next Network Move

Are you struggling to decide between multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), a virtual private network (VPN), or a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN)? Are you unsure about how to secure your evolving network, provide secure remote access and ensure compliance with data regulations? Do you want to know if SD-WAN will save you money and what other benefits it can offer?


As technology continues to advance and data compliance and security regulations become increasingly strict, these are some of the pressing questions that tech leaders need to be able to answer. In this article, our networking expert explores some of the differences between SD-WAN and MPLS to help you plan your next network move.

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