Securely integrate all your networks, cloud services and on-premises infrastructure

Whilst public cloud is for everyone, it’s not for everything and there are still workloads which need a Private or Hybrid approach.


Hybrid cloud is a blend of public, private and multi-cloud strategies. Essential operations and applications are still housed in the data centre (for security or latency reasons), while applications and services that can best live in the cloud are migrated to a cloud service provider. The result is a seamless experience between public and private infrastructure – the best of both worlds.


Our solutions which cover advisory, engineering and support as well as multi-tenant and dedicated platforms are designed to provide the right solution for your needs.

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Virtual Data Centre enables data centre modernisation by providing scalable compute, storage and networking resources on-demand via convenient access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources, with supporting services including backup, security, monitoring and management all delivered as-a-service.


Our expert consultants will work with you to define infrastructure requirements and design a solution to meet the needs of the customer. Our engineers will then implement the solution and manage any migrations into VDC and once in life, our support teams manage the cloud environment in accordance with the Management Level taken.

Our dedicated Private Cloud solution provides a physically isolated, single tenant infrastructure built of compute, storage and network resources. Designed specifically to meet the individual needs of the customer, hosted on-premise or within our data centres. Dedicated Private Cloud solutions can be delivered as infrastructure only or include levels of management up to and including the virtual machine operating system layer.

Hybrid cloud is a blend of public, private and multi-cloud strategies. Essential operations and applications are still housed in the data centre (for security or latency reasons), while applications and services that can best live in the cloud are migrated to a cloud service provider. The result is a seamless experience between public and private cloud – the best of both worlds.


Hybrid Cloud Benefits

The business case for cloud is now more compelling than ever. Enterprises are increasingly forced to adapt their IT strategies to the challenges of managing a hybrid workforce, as well as support the drive in looking for new ways to find sustainable competitive advantage by embracing technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud services.


Cloud adoption can open a spectrum of new opportunities at far greater speed and with less risk than ever before. With access to the latest public cloud services and advanced analytics to mine value from your data, you can gain competitive advantage with innovations across IT operations, Data strategy, Customer engagement and Security Product development


Cloud-based systems enhance collaboration, as files and data can be accessed anywhere, on any device and at any time. With remote working becoming more commonplace, organisations are refocusing on ensuring collaboration can take place seamlessly and conveniently.


Profitability can increase through both cost control and revenue increases. When your applications and data are in the cloud, you only pay for what you use. You no longer need to invest in hardware or worry about the costs associated with maintenance and security.


A consumption-based model means you no longer have to worry about investing in sufficient server resources, such as storage. You automatically expand or contract your public cloud services based on your needs at the time, while allowing for spikes, like report generation and payroll that often impact on a data centre’s performance.


Public Cloud based security services are innovating at pace in order to keep up with a rapidly changing threat landscape. These can protect both your cloud and on-premises environments, with threat intelligence that is constantly updated by security experts. Security, backup and disaster recovery can be outsourced to experts in the field, freeing your IT staff to concentrate on business that adds value.


Achieve greater agility when you can deploy any workload, anywhere – across physical and virtual environments. Get products to market faster, and achieve a high velocity of change through DevSecOps practices.

Performance & Reliability

Cloud platforms are constantly being updated and improved. Cloud vendors compete to provide a service that is fast, responsive, secure and reliable. With a hybrid cloud system, you don’t have to keep upgrading – it's done for you, behind the scenes. The regular CAPEX crunch becomes a manageable, predictable OPEX item.


Carbon neutral setups are very costly and difficult to implement in privately managed data centres. Tech giants operating public cloud services have the scale and specialisation to invest in carbon neutrality. Multi-cloud and hybrid strategies can also leverage this benefit.


Cloud Strategy Success

Being able to integrate securely all your networks, cloud services and on-premises infrastructure, means you have total control of everything that matters to your business.

With every cloud vision being unique, a robust, proven approach is critical in getting the right answers quickly and effectively. Whether you need to undergo an end-to-end transformation or simply achieve faster, more targeted outcomes, Telefónica Tech has developed and refined a flexible framework based on many years of experience. All with cybersecurity integrated into every step.

Our Cloud Partners


Private Cloud Services provide dedicated cloud computing resources exclusively for your organisation. Choosing them ensures enhanced data security, greater control, and compliance adherence. With Telefónica Tech, you get custom Private Cloud Solutions to meet your specific business requirements.

Private Cloud Services offer benefits like higher data security, greater control over resources, and increased performance due to dedicated infrastructure. Unlike Public Clouds, they suit businesses with sensitive data or specific regulatory needs.

At Telefónica Tech, we specialise in designing and deploying Private Cloud Solutions. Our expert team ensures a seamless transition from traditional infrastructure to a secure, scalable, and custom Private Cloud environment, empowering your business for success.

Managed Private Cloud offers dedicated cloud resources with the added advantage of expert management and support from Telefónica Tech. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced security, performance, and scalability while leaving the complexities of infrastructure management to our skilled team. Managed Private Cloud ensures optimal operations for your business-critical applications.

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides a secure and isolated cloud environment within a public cloud infrastructure. It combines the benefits of public clouds, such as cost-efficiency and scalability, with the privacy and control of private clouds. Telefónica Tech offers custom Virtual Private Cloud solutions tailored to meet your business requirements, ensuring data security and seamless resource utilisation.

Cloud Insights

Like Cloud, we never stand still, ensuring we are first to the latest developments in the field, contributing to thought and analysis, and leading the way at industry events. That means we can always bring you the best, most up-to-date solutions and we’ll always be ready to react to whatever changes are affecting your business. Here you’ll find some of our recent thought leadership and activity in the world of Cloud.

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