The power of cloud at the centre of your business

Where the speed of access to compute and data resources is critical, our Data Centre solutions & Edge Computing solutions bring the capabilities and benefits of Public Cloud closer to your environment allowing for at scale data processing and real-time decision making.


Data Centre Solutions – We deliver modernised and cloud-like data centres, which have the scale, performance, security, agility and cost efficiency to support your workloads.


Edge Solutions – We provide Edge computing solutions, which combine the performance of local deployments with the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency of the cloud.

Data Centre Solutions & Edge Computing

Colocation provides customers with data centre hosting facilities for their infrastructure on a subscription basis, including space, power, cooling, physical security and internet connectivity. Remote hands and installation services can also be provided.

Dedicated servers provides exclusive access to server hardware that can be specified to suit the needs of the customer where full control is needed. Dedicated servers includes hosting in our data centres, internet connectivity and monitoring.

Dedicated storage provide exclusive access to storage hardware that can be specified to suit the needs of the customer where full control is needed. Dedicated storage includes hosting in our data centres, internet connectivity and monitoring.

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Modern data centre strategies

The future of a modern data centre required to support the business is one that’s software-defined. Where a software layer virtualises compute, storage and networking so they can be delivered as a service – even into hybrid cloud. Data and apps need platforms that are flexible, scalable and can gear up for automation and orchestration with ease.


Now with pay-per-use IT with HPE GreenLake for your data centre infrastructure, you can benefit from a cloud-like experience for your on-premises workloads and achieve the flexibility you need. Without a large CapEx investment and the need to overprovision.


In tandem to the technical solutions, we build the operational readiness and capabilities required for new modes of operation. Ensuring the right teams, structures, processes and skills exist to support new and innovative ways of delivering IT. We can augment teams with flexible resourcing and support services to ensure new investments can be fully leveraged.

Reach your goals, and your potential, with our cloud strategy service


Available as a modular approach for more targeted outcomes, or an end-to end-transformation journey. With cyber security built into every step. Product development


Identify real transformation opportunities and continuously evolve your business by refining and optimising your cloud services.


Our proven accelerate frameworks mitigate risk whilst enabling successful project delivery.


Data Centre Solutions encompass a range of services and technologies optimising, managing, and securing data centres. Businesses need them to enhance IT infrastructure performance, ensure seamless data processing, and minimise downtime, supporting data-driven operations and facilitating business growth.

At Telefónica Tech, we offer custom Data Centre Design and Build, Migration services, robust Data Security and Compliance measures, and proactive Data Centre Monitoring and Management, tailored to meet diverse business needs

Outsourcing to Telefónica Tech offers expertise, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility. Our professionals manage complex data centres, reduce operational costs, accommodate growth, and allow your team to focus on core business activities, driving innovation and growth.

Cloud Insights

Like Cloud, we never stand still, ensuring we are first to the latest developments in the field, contributing to thought and analysis, and leading the way at industry events. That means we can always bring you the best, most up-to-date solutions and we’ll always be ready to react to whatever changes are affecting your business. Here you’ll find some of our recent thought leadership and activity in the world of Cloud.

Cloud Case Studies

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