Telefónica Tech has been announced as the successful vendor for the tender to provide numerous infrastructure technology solutions to Children’s Health Ireland.


The New Children’s Hospital is set to transform children’s healthcare in Ireland as a centre of excellence, and the IT infrastructure and services provided by Telefónica Tech will underpin the vital clinical services, foster information exchange, and help doctors optimise their decisions and provide the best care for patients.


Speaking to Shane Coleman on Irish radio station Newstalk’s Business Breakfast slot this morning, Ellen Dickson, Vice President of Enterprise Health at Telefónica Tech UK&I, discussed the five-year deal with Children’s Health Ireland.


Ellen outlined how Telefónica Tech UK&I will build and manage the hospital’s IT infrastructure, with a significant focus on cyber security. The cyber security expertise provided as part of this contract will play a crucial role in protecting patient information and keeping the hospital’s data secure.


Discussing the digital infrastructure and solutions involved in the new hospital, Ellen shared:


“The contract covers all the new infrastructure that’s going to go into the site. Everything from workstations on wheels, laptops, desktops, mobile devices, printers as well as the backend infrastructure to support this.


I have seen some of the best children’s facilities in the world and this one is second to none. Everything that can be accommodated, will be accommodated in this facility. I can see how transformative the patient experience will be and the supporting infrastructure for patients, clinicians and families”.


Listen to the full interview here

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