As the manufacturing sector approaches a new digital frontier, leaders are presented with the challenge and opportunity to navigate the complexities of smart manufacturing. This transformative journey extends beyond merely adopting new technologies—it’s about reshaping operations, processes, and strategies to fully leverage digital advancements. Our breakfast briefing on 21st May at Florattica, London, aims to provide a detailed exploration of this evolving landscape, equipping you with the necessary insights and tools to carve a successful path forward.


In today’s fast-paced environment, understanding your organisation’s position in its digital transformation journey is essential. This event is crafted to delve into the world of smart manufacturing, helping leaders assess their digital maturity, pinpoint areas for improvement, and uncover new avenues for growth. Regardless of whether you’re in the initial phases of digital integration or seeking to enhance existing systems, our discussions will offer critical insights into propelling your digital maturity forward.


Furthermore, by addressing vital topics such as cybersecurity, AI implementation, and the harmonious integration of IT with OT, our goal is to prepare you to tackle current challenges and anticipate future developments. Our focus on these pivotal areas is designed to reveal strategies for building more resilient, efficient, and innovative manufacturing operations fit for the digital era. Join us at this engaging breakfast briefing to advance in future-proofing your manufacturing initiatives.

Manufacturing Breakfast Briefing

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