Navigating Workplace Challenges in the Age of AI

Join Telefonica Tech’s CTO, Modern Workplace, Elton Nitschke, as he shares invaluable insights on overcoming obstacles in transitioning to a Modern Workplace. From legacy applications to digital experience enhancements and sustainability initiatives, discover the keys to thriving in today’s AI-driven work environments, including:

  • Improving the Digital Experience
  • Adopting AI Successfully
  • Sustainability in the Modern Workplace

Workplace Challenges: Improving the Digital Experience

In the ongoing quest to improve the digital experience, legacy applications continue to pose significant hurdles for organisations striving to modernise their work environments. This means thorough application assessments and decisive action are pivotal for ensuring optimal application functionality. For example, breaking down large e-commerce applications into smaller components can bolster flexibility and performance. Additionally, thinking about how legacy business applications will work in a modern environment to drive seamless application functionality is integral to delivering a positive digital experience.


Enhancing application modernisation is just a fraction of the equation for enhancing the digital experience for employees. According to the latest Microsoft Work Trend index, 62% of workers cite excessive time spent searching for information during their workday as a significant challenge. This underscores the ongoing nature of improving digital experience. This is precisely where the integration of Digital Experience Monitoring Tools, coupled with Performance Monitoring and Optimisation software, along with a commitment to continual service improvement, proves indispensable.


With the right software, organisations can quickly spot and fix problems, keeping improvement ongoing. But, deciding which issues to tackle first, based on their impact on users, can be challenging. Automating this process helps to keep the improvement cycle going smoothly.


The move from Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) marks a significant shift, focusing on technology’s performance from users’ viewpoints. Expect experience-centered agreements to gain traction. Prioritising and optimising the digital workplace experience is crucial for organisational success. It directly impacts employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

Modern Workplace Challenges

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Adopting AI in the Workplace

AI holds the promise of transforming workplace efficiency and decision-making from an employee perspective. It’s set to revolutionise the digital experience with its efficiency, personalisation, and support. But integrating AI-driven collaboration tools demands careful consideration.  To promote the adoption of Generative AI technologies, including Microsoft 365 Copilot, within organisations, consider the following:



  • Educate staff on Generative AI benefits through workshops and webinars.
  • Launch pilot schemes and share success stories to inspire wider adoption.
  • Seamlessly integrate Generative AI into current workflows with Microsoft 365.
  • Provide effective training on Generative AI usage.
  • Identify AI champions to promote Copilot.
  • Address privacy and security concerns transparently.
  • Keep users updated on new features and provide support.
  • Consider diverse needs, like live transcripts, for accessibility.
  • Foster collaboration: Generative AI helps teams stick to tasks.
  • Successful AI adoption requires technical implementation, cultural change, and ongoing support.

AI Governance

To unlock Microsoft Copilot’s value, robust data governance is essential. Proper governance ensures responsible practices, promotes ethical AI, and safeguards against risks. Within Microsoft Copilot, IT administrators can implement versatile protection policies, such as sensitivity labels, to prevent unauthorised access to confidential data. For instance, applying a “Confidential” label automatically encrypts content and adds a watermark. Mature data governance capabilities reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and enhance an organisation’s reputation. They establish accountability and responsibility, effectively managing data sourcing, development, and AI model quality.

Modern Workplace Challenges: Changing Culture

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Sustainability in the Workplace: Starting with Devices

Sustainability initiatives within the workplace must begin at the device level, requiring a more holistic approach to procurement and usage. Organisations must scrutinise the entire lifecycle of devices, including materials, shipping methods, and packaging. Assessing device usability and energy consumption is also crucial to ensuring optimal performance while minimising environmental impact. By prioritising sustainability in device procurement and usage, organisations can meet customer expectations and contribute to broader environmental efforts. More sustainable devices can improve energy efficiency, extend device lifecycles, and increase the use of environmentally friendly materials. It’s crucial to extend these initiatives across the entire lifecycle of devices, not just through the initial purchase, highlighting the importance of responsible disposal or re-use practices to minimise waste, maximise resource efficiency.


Additionally, many sustainable devices are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities that enable real-time data collection and analysis. By monitoring energy usage, performance metrics, and environmental conditions remotely, users can identify inefficiencies and optimise operations to minimise minimise carbon emissions and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Sustainability in the Modern Workplace

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Embracing innovation and sustainability is paramount in shaping the future of work and enhancing the digital experience. By implementing strategies for cultural transformation and prioritising user experience, organisations can thrive in the age of AI. At Telefónica Tech, we understand the importance of responsible AI-driven solutions for productivity and sustainability. That’s why our range of Modern Workplace services is meticulously crafted to integrate the latest technology while upholding ethical standards and environmental consciousness.