Proactive Managed Detection and Response Service

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service goes beyond detection, offering proactive threat hunting and incident response, ensuring your digital landscape is protected against evolving cyber threats.


With increasingly sophisticated attack techniques, and a large number of alerts to filter and analyse we recognise that many organisations struggle to effectively respond to advanced cyber threats. Our MDR service steps in to shoulder the responsibility.


We work together with CrowdStrike to provide a comprehensive MDR service that is further strengthened by our advanced technology stack.



  • Significantly reduce the risk of a cyber attack
  • Control your Managed Detection and Response spending
  • Improve your cyber security maturity

Strengthen Your Security Framework with Telefonica Tech’s MDR

Remove the hassle of having to choose, purchase, operate and maintain a security toolset.

Adopt leading Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology

Get expert support from a team of experienced analysts.

Increase your security capacity

Improve your average response time and anticipation of threats.

Establish rapid response capability to cyber breaches

Choose Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) to rapidly recover critical business processes and digital assets during cyber incidents.

Our Strategic Partnership

Our strategic collaboration with a global endpoint security leader, CrowdStrike sets us apart, allowing us to offer a comprehensive turnkey solution that seamlessly integrates EDR technology and security operations, ensuring rapid and effective threat detection and response.


We work together with CrowdStrike to provide a comprehensive MDR service that is further strengthened by our advanced technology stack.


With market-leading technologies, security experts, and automated processes, we provide complete protection.


MDR: Who Can Benefit?

  • Mid-size Organisations: Enhance your security posture without the burden of extensive staffing and technology investments.
  • Large Organisations: Outsource high-volume security workloads and refocus your teams on strategic initiatives.
  • Companies Building In-House Capability: Partner with trusted MDR experts for long-term growth and learning.

Ready to strengthen your digital defence with MDR?

Chat with one of our experts to learn more and take the first step towards a resilient and secure future.

Our MDR Service:

Our team will take care of the delivery and configuration of the EDR technology, providing personalised guidance and support throughout the implementation process.

Including triage, analysis, contextualisation and validation of threat alerts. The service includes remote containment and escalation of any confirmed security breaches enriched with our intelligence platform.

Our elite threat hunters leverage the latest threat intelligence to proactively search for threats based on TTPs (tactics, techniques and procedures) that have slipped through the nets and managed to evade security systems.

Early detection and blocking of critical threats, automatic mitigations and optional DFIR capability for global response.

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