Digital Forensics:
A Challenge and an Opportunity for UK Policing

Criminals are tapping into the very latest digital technology every day and so police forces need to unlock the power of modern, digital forensic technology to gather evidence quickly and efficiently.


Legacy technology and applications are unable to tackle this challenge effectively, securely and cost-efficiently due to the sheer scale and complexity of the data involved.


An effective digital forensics platform that can scale and adapt is essential to deliver better outcomes for police and victims of crime today, and into the future.

Accelerate Digital Forensics with a Powerful Blueprint

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A blueprint for a new approach to digital forensics

To meet these challenges, police forces need a new approach to digital forensics technology, infrastructure and applications.


Our blueprint offers a flexible, modular framework for implementing standardised technology to address challenges across the digital forensics process.


Delivering the power, scalability and security you need for your digital forensics platform and data.

The results

More Speed

Start investigations quicker and reduce case processing times.

Protect victims and the public from harm quicker.

Automation for more time analysing and drawing inferences and less on processing data.

Securely share data with CPS quickly and efficiently.

More Security

Greater security for confidential and public safety data.

Improved data governance in line with storage, retention, and destruction of records and materials guidance.

Accreditation to ensure quality standards are upheld.

Physical and digital security to protect digital evidence data.

More Control

Scale up and scale out with cloud technology.

No need to over-provision to accommodate predicted data growth with a pay-per-use consumption model.

Predictable long-term costs and outcomes.

Improved Service

Enhanced victim support.

Review evidence any time, anywhere, with greater access via the cloud.

Improved experience for the officer in charge.

Increase in productivity to re-invest time into core tasks.

Serve communities effectively.

Unlock the Power of Digital Forensics with Hybrid Cloud

Due to the complexity and volume of digital evidence there is a critical need for transformative innovation. Embracing hybrid cloud technologies combines increased efficiency with improved experience and outcomes today, and into the future.


It’s all about the right applications and data in the right place, for the right reasons. Hybrid cloud is a blend of public, private and multi-cloud strategies. Essential operations and large data sets and applications are still housed in the data centre (for security and/or latency reasons), while applications and services that can best live in public cloud are migrated to the public cloud hyperscalers. The result is a seamless experience between public and private infrastructure – the best of both worlds.


Gone are the days when police forces would have to purchase 5X – 10X more storage capacity than is required on day one. The way in which IT infrastructure and services is purchased and consumed has changed. Large CAPEX investments are dwindling in favour of pay-per-use consumption models, such as HPE GreenLake. This help remove financial barriers and minimise the risk to technological advancement.  Plus pay-per-use over time, can help free up finances for parallel initiatives and projects.

Why Telefónica Tech?

We provide clarity, accelerate time to value, and maintain control of any modernisation deployment. So you can focus on making communities safer while we focus on helping you keep your data and systems secure with:

Police-Assured Secure Facilities (PASF) UK Operations Centres

NPPV/SC cleared personnel

ISO certifications and ITIL processes

HPE Platinum Partner