Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Status Awarded Once Again to Telefónica Tech UK&I

We are thrilled to announce that Telefónica Tech UK&I has secured the Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) status from Microsoft for an impressive fourth consecutive year. This achievement underscores Telefónica Tech UK&I’s commitment to delivering exceptional digital transformation services within the cloud landscape while upholding Microsoft’s rigorous standards for excellence in automation, cloud operations, and Azure environment optimisation.


For leaders navigating the complexities of digital transformation, this recognition serves as a testament to the expertise and reliability of Telefónica Tech UK&I as a strategic partner in their journey towards cloud-enabled innovation and growth. By choosing Telefónica Tech UK&I as their Azure cloud partner, organisations have the assurance they are engaging with a team of proven experts who have undergone rigorous scrutiny by Microsoft across critical domains such as technical proficiency, security protocols, customer satisfaction, cost management, and reporting.


Telefónica Tech UK&I’s leadership in Azure expertise is evident across several key dimensions:


  • Established Azure Managed Services Practice: With years of hands-on experience, Telefónica Tech UK&I has refined its Azure Managed Services, embodying industry best practices to deliver tangible results.
  • Focus on Automation & DevOps: Telefónica Tech UK&I prioritises automation and DevOps methodologies to drive operational efficiency and accelerate time-to-market for mission-critical initiatives.
  • Highly Technical Expertise: Our team excels in diverse disciplines including DevOps, SySOps, and cloud solution architecture, ensuring comprehensive support for complex cloud deployments.
  • Business-Outcome Oriented Approach: Telefónica Tech UK&I is dedicated to aligning technology investments with tangible business outcomes, empowering tech and business leaders to achieve their strategic objectives with confidence.
  • Repeatable, Scalable Solutions: Leveraging our robust automation frameworks, Telefónica Tech UK&I delivers repeatable, highly automated solutions tailored for seamless hyper-scale cloud implementations.


Moreover, Telefónica Tech UK&I, within its group has earned six prestigious designations within the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program since its inception in late 2022. These designations span Data & AI, Infrastructure, Digital & App Innovation, Modern Work, Security and Business Apps, underscoring deep technical acumen and unwavering commitment to driving innovation for customers across the UK & Ireland.


Alex Smith, CTO of Cloud for Telefónica Tech UK&I, “Modern applications rely on cloud computing for scalability, innovation, and agility, driving their digital performance. As we enter the AI era, the cloud becomes pivotal for our customers’ readiness for emerging technologies. Our Azure Expert MSP status reaffirms our expertise as Azure specialists, extending beyond the cloud to cyber security, data, AI, business applications, and the modern workplace. Congratulations to our Azure Experts for demonstrating our commitment to cloud excellence once again.”



For leaders seeking to unlock the full potential of Azure and drive sustainable business growth, Telefónica Tech UK&I, as part of the broader Telefonica group, offers cloud consultancy and comprehensive services tailored to the UK&I and for global organisations with expertise spread across 5 strategic global hubs.

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