Telefónica Tech and Microsoft's Copilot Training Day: Unlocking the Future of AI-Driven Productivity

London – 22 September 2023 – Telefónica Tech and Microsoft joined forces for an immersive training day this week, unveiling the transformative potential of M365 Copilot. This event highlighted how Copilot can revolutionise business operations, offering a glimpse into a future workplace driven by artificial intelligence (AI) technology.  This coincided with Microsoft’s subsequent announcement of its vision for M365 Copilot and planned rollout from 1st November 2023.



Key leaders and experts from Telefónica Tech and Microsoft converged to gain a deep understanding of Copilot’s capabilities and to provide customers with comprehensive insights and guidance. At the heart of Copilot’s innovation lies its ability to infuse AI into everyday applications, offering real-time intelligence assistance that enhances creativity, productivity, and employee skills.



Microsoft’s recent announcement is set to transform the modern workplace: they are creating a unified Copilot user experience across Bing, Edge, Microsoft 365, and Windows. As a first step, they will roll out Copilot initially in Windows on September 26 and later in Microsoft 365 for enterprise customers in November.



What sets Copilot apart from other Large Language Models (LLMs) is its unique capability to draw insights from an organisation’s internal data sources, in addition to the web. It leverages data from Outlook messages, Dynamics databases, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, SharePoint files, and other authorised repositories, always prioritising data privacy and security.



Designed to support core teams across various departments, including HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and IT, CoPilot streamlines daily tasks, freeing up valuable time for more critical endeavours, to drive innovation and growth.



Elton Nitschke, Head of Modern Workplace, emphasised, “Telefónica Tech recognises the immense productivity potential that Copilot offers our customers. However, we are also aware of the data management challenges many organisations face. Before adopting Copilot, leaders should ask: Is my data dependable enough for AI tools to automate functions effectively? If not, a readiness assessment is a logical next step. It ensures effective governance and data management while preparing both systems and people to fully embrace Copilot’s transformative potential.”



To address these challenges and assist clients in embracing Copilot, Telefónica Tech has established a Readiness Assessment programme. This programme focuses on preparing individuals, data, and systems within a defined roadmap, facilitating a seamless transition to Copilot’s capabilities.



3 Key Stages for Copilot Success

  1. Discover Copilot Benefits & Prerequisites
  2. Prepare Your Copilot Roadmap
  3. Optimise Your Copilot Experience

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