Introducing Zero Trust for Endpoint Protection with AppGuard

We’re excited to announce our new cyber security solution: Telefónica Tech’s Zero Trust for Endpoint Protection with AppGuard. This offers the ultimate in protection, the last line of defence to keep organisations safe from cyber attacks.


Our Head of Security Sales shares an overview below, including what it does, how it differs from other anti-virus (AV) and Endpoint detection and response (EDR), solutions, as well as some of the key benefits.


Firstly, what does AppGuard do?


In short, it simply STOPS all malware attacks by blocking and isolating them before harm occurs. It’s a last line of defence to help keep organisations safe. Its pre-detection endpoint protection software blocks malware in real-time, before endpoints, are compromised, without having to detect or recognise it.


How is this different from other Anti-Virus or EDR solutions?


This patented technology is fundamentally different to next-generation AV and EDR prevention. Traditional endpoint protection relies on detection. Instead, AppGuard uses zero trust principles at its core to prevent malware or vulnerability exploits from ever affecting an organisation’s systems in the first place.


How does it work?


It avoids the challenge of separating “good” from “bad” and “normal” from “abnormal”; instead, it blocks those actions malware needs to carry out its malicious activity in real-time. This greatly reduces the amount of monitoring and analysis that technology and security operation leaders have to do, and it does not need to be online to function.


What’s the impact?


The phrase game-changer is overused, but this really does have the potential to transform your cyber security. AppGuard offers the ultimate in protection, reducing operational costs and safeguarding reputation and financial losses resulting from breaches.


Financially, the benefits AppGuard provides can be measured in both the costs saved and the costs avoided; for example, it helps avoid large penalties associated with a major breach, but also helps security operations teams streamline the tools and resources needed to protect an organisation. So, in this sense, it also helps to address some of the ongoing cyber security skills gaps.  The other key point to note is that operationally it is lightweight, with little impact on the CPU, and if a breach occurs, BAU can continue as normal.


How does it work with existing Anti-Virus?


It works alongside next-generation anti-virus which can detect known threats and identify potential compromise through anomalous (unusual) behaviour. Furthermore, while AppGuard can buy time to plug vulnerabilities, one should always apply updates and patches wherever possible. So, in this respect it’s best to view AppGuard as part of your Defence-in-Depth strategy.


Which customers use AppGuard?


It is already used by 6,000+ organisations across the US and Asia, including several US national security institutions. The Director of a Counter-intelligence organisation sums up the benefit: “AppGuard should be your first and main line of defence in an increasingly dangerous cyber and human threat environment.”


How will it be available?


As SaaS via our Managed Security Services hosted on Azure. This offers customers the ultimate peace of mind, leaving the task of deploying, maintaining, and supporting their endpoint protection to our team of experts. We have exclusive rights for the managed service offering in the UK.


Protect Your Organisation Against Known & Unknown Cyber Threats

To find out more about AppGuard’s capabilities:

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