We are thrilled to announce that our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), David Small, has been awarded with the esteemed Microsoft FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect (FTRSA) designation.

This recognition is a testament to David’s unwavering commitment to excellence in enterprise solution architecture and his dedication to delivering top-tier solutions for our customers.


What is the FTRSA designation?


The Microsoft Business Applications & Platform engineering team awards the FTRSA designation to practising enterprise solution architects who consistently demonstrate profound architecture expertise and deliver high-quality solutions for customers. Typically employed by systems integrator partners, these architects are nominated to recognise their exceptional skills and contributions.


Eligibility requires architects to have experience with and Microsoft products, hold relevant certifications, lead projects, demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft technologies and be associated with qualified partner organisations. These criteria ensure recognised architects possess the necessary skills to deliver top-notch solutions.


What does this mean for our customers?


Aside from being a spectacular achievement for David, his newfound status as a FTRSA brings with it a multitude of benefits for our customers. These include:

  • Assurance of high expertise and proficiency in solution design
  • Access to the latest knowledge and best practices in Microsoft technologies
  • Solutions built with cutting-edge tools and methodologies for enhancing effectiveness and scalability
  • Transparency and confidence through visibility of David’s architect profile on Microsoft platforms
  • Informed decision-making for customers, leading to stronger partnerships and greater success.


These capabilities, combined with Incremental’s commitment to providing a number of learning and development opportunities to its Incrementalists, provide our customers with highly knowledgeable teams to support their digital transformation journeys.


David’s part in inspiring the tech community


David’s steadfast commitment to learning and development with the latest technology extends beyond a personal level. Outside of work, David actively contributes to the Microsoft community by participating in events and securing speaker slots – for example, Scottish Summit and the Scottish Power Platform User Group events in Glasgow. Through these engagements, David shares his wealth of technical knowledge and insights with fellow professionals, fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.


Scottish Summit David Small

David presenting at Scottish Summit


Reflecting on his journey in tech, from Enterprise Architect to CTO and thought leader in the Microsoft community, David expressed his delight at the FTRSA designation:

“Celebrating the Microsoft FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect (FTRSA) designation is truly an honour, reflecting not just individual achievement but also the collective dedication of our Business Applications team in delivering excellence. Engaging with the Microsoft community through my role as CTO of a member of Microsoft’s Inner Circle and speaking at Microsoft events is a true passion of mine. I am deeply committed to giving back to the community, sharing knowledge and helping to inspire innovation to contribute to shaping the future of technology.”


If you’d like to learn more about David’s thought leadership, check out his recent article which explores the rise of citizen developers.