Can You Future-Proof Cyber Security with Best Practice?

Up next in our Creating a Sustainable Future series we tackle the frequently asked question, can you future-proof cyber security?

As we all know the cyber threat landscape is ever-changing and it can seem like a moving target. New threats and risks are constantly emerging, so, in reality, it’s very difficult to make predictions to future-proof cyber security completely. We don’t know what’s going to happen in six months, let alone a few years.


However, one of the most effective and useful strategies is to put principles of good cyber security practice in place.  Putting best practice principles in place will help you better adapt to the ever-changing cyber security threat landscape and keep your cyber security evergreen.


Future-proofing cyber security is about putting the right cornerstones of infrastructure, education, and process in place.


5 Cyber Security Best Practices:


  1. Use AI-based Intelligence to stay one step ahead
  2. Adopt Zero Trust everywhere
  3. Regularly review governance with penetration tests
  4. Educate employees to strengthen your weakest link
  5. Capitalise on security innovation within Public Cloud


It is also important to balance best practice security with productivity. To strike a healthy balance between strong cyber security and employee productivity my advice is to:


  • Make cyber simple; consider biometric sign-in or management tools
  • Adopt collaboration tools to fuel productivity and benefit from advanced security features
  • Align your productivity strategy with your cyber strategy so they always remain in step.


As part of Telefónica Tech’s recent research, Planting Digital Seeds for the Future, we asked UK&I technology leaders about their biggest concerns and challenges. The research revealed 38% of respondents had left themselves open to potential security vulnerabilities by poor remote working practices.



In this short guide, our skilled experts share 5 steps you need to follow to deliver a sustainable transformation.

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