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When it comes to security there’s a lot to consider.  From assessing risk, to complying with regulations, identifying and protecting infrastructure & data assets, to understanding the landscape and staying current with developments. And that’s before you start to think about secure remote access, cloud adoption, supply-chain risk, dealing with technical debt, as well as a myriad of processes from onboarding new starters to incident response. 

We are a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) with a heritage in managed services across data centre, workplace, communications and cloud. As such, we have deep subject-matter expertise across the entire threat landscape and operate security as a core discipline, from advisory services through to managed security engineering and operations.


Understanding the threat landscape and knowing where you are vulnerable are top priorities when taking a proactive approach to modern cyber security.

That’s why our threat and vulnerability assessments are designed to give you the best chance of understanding your exposure before cyber criminals do.

Additionally, threat intelligence is a discipline of our security operations and consulting functions. Using multiple threat feeds and our own efforts, we keep up to date with the latest threats and vulnerabilities, taking a proactive approach to securing your systems and data.

We recognise that the first step to delivering an effective security strategy is understanding where you are now.

Our Cyber Security Maturity Assessments are designed to provide a holistic view of your current position in respect of systems, operations, processes and data. We provide actionable insight so know you where your gaps are and what to improve.

Based on cyber security best practice and aligned to regulations and frameworks relevant to your industry we collaborate to improve your security posture as a business.

No matter how well prepared you are, the threat is always there and constantly evolving.

Effective defences require the right technology and services to ensure you have the best tools and people available to deliver defence-in-depth approaches to protecting your systems and data.

An effective detection and response service is about reacting fast and knowing what to do if the worse were to happen. It requires tools that provide deep insights inside and outside of your network; skilled analysts combined with latest automation and orchestration technology to ensure threat actors are contained, data secured, and operations safely restored in the shortest possible timeframe.


As a Managed Services Provider we are secure by design. As a Managed Security Services Provider, we add security technologies delivered as a managed service.

We have built our security managed services from the ground up over a number of years, testing multiple security technologies against many scenarios.

This includes: access management, mobile, perimeter and network security, email, web proxy, DNS, endpoint protection, data leak prevention, patch management, cloud access, encryption and next generation VPNs.

And we’re constantly updating the portfolio to meet the ever-changing challenges our customers face.

Our bespoke consultancy engagements help you understand your security posture and improve it. We help you follow NCSC best-practice guidance, align with ISO27001 as well as any industry-specific regulations.

We act as your security advisor, addressing gaps, consolidating and improving technology and translating compliance requirements into technology services, processes and policies that can help your business be more secure. This helps you become accreditation-ready and be seen as a responsible and trustworthy supplier.

Services include:

  • Cyber Security Maturity Assessment – people, process and technology gap analysis
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment – vulnerability and penetration testing, and threat intelligence services

Recruiting, training and retaining security personnel is difficult. Building effective detection and response services around a security operations team is a challenge of equal measure.

At Telefónica Tech we have perfected the art of running SOC services for clients, delivering best-in-class detection, analysis, response, containment and reporting services, built around the latest SIEM technologies, with artificial intelligence baked-in.

Using our experience providing these services for heavily-regulated industries, you can leverage our expertise in security operations to ensure fast and effective identification and remediation of the most complex internal and external threats.

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