Enhancing Customer Service with Power BI for UK Car Dealership

11 Aug 2021 Automotive

Perry’s is one of the largest independently owned car dealership groups in the UK. In business since 1908, their sites are located throughout the country. With the help of more detailed insights on their switchboard provided by Power BI, and our analytics team, Perry’s have successfully enhanced their customer service.


of calls analysed


dealership sites optimised


calls missed out of hours


With over 29 sites, and thousands of calls received daily, the call volume from their telephony system and switchboard is vast. Historically, this data was presented in basic spreadsheets, and at a level which was often hard to turn into meaningful insights. Previously, Perry’s would receive a daily email with a spreadsheet containing the switchboard statistics, which was then manually manipulated to give a summary of call data. “Not only was this time consuming, but it also potentially introduced an element of human error too,” admits Spencer Parry, Data and Analytics Manager.

Using this report, I can instantly see which of the sites are too busy and which have issues with call answering times. This insight is helping to make our business more efficient



As part of the telephony platform provided by our Networking and Collaboration Team, Perry’s were given access to a dynamic and interactive switchboard dashboard. By taking data from the telephony solution and presenting it in a graphical format using Power BI, in near real time, the team were able to get smarter insights and make faster business decisions.  Spencer Parry explains how it works, “The email is sent to a mailbox where an attachment using Power Automate is extracted and stored in OneDrive. Power BI is used to transform the data and visualise it. With this insight, the team can make educated business decisions to improve the overall customer experience."

Now that I have seen this and used it , just wish I had it at the beginning. It makes everything about the phone logging so much easier to understand and find out what is going on. Well done Spencer - really like the product.


Using the dashboard, driven by Power BI, Perry’s could quickly drill down into the data from the telephony platform relating to different sites, and even into individual call queues. This helped them to identify issues and swiftly act.  For example, they spotted a large percentage of calls were being missed at one of their sites over the weekend. To rectify this, they reviewed staffing levels to ensure calls were no longer being missed out of hours.

Data can be viewed at an individual site or at an aggregate level across the dealership, including the call answered rate, call abandoned rate and customer wait times. This makes spotting trends easier and now they can better anticipate weekly and seasonal peaks and troughs in calls.

“I was excited about the opportunity to work on this process with our Service Delivery Management Team and our customer, Perry’s. Using the Microsoft Power Platform, we have been able to improve the experience for Perry’s and their customers,” concluded Spencer Parry.


  • Unified Communications, Cisco Unified Attendant Consoles (CUAC)
  • Automated data Reporting utilising the Power BI and Power Automate products in the Microsoft Power Platform suite

The customer reference was provided prior to CANCOM in the UK&I becoming Telefónica Tech in the UK&I and the names have been changed for ease of reference.

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