O365 Drives Greater Value for the NSPCC

30 Mar 2019 Not-for-Profit

The NSPCC knew migrating to Office 365 made sense. Not only would an O365 migration help them move away from costly legacy systems, it would allow them to scale in the Cloud. And by only scaling up capacity only when needed, they could save valuable budget for vital child services. Keeping systems and highly sensitive data secure was also crucial.

With over 400,000 seats of Office 365 already deployed, we had the expertise the NSPCC needed.


Mailboxes migrated


Lower Storage




In the past, access to email for NSPCC’s had been patchy. For example, large numbers of remote workers such as volunteers and fundraisers found it difficult to access email.

To make sure we captured all issues and future business goals, we set up an Envisioning Workshop.

Secondly, using our Application Assessment, we got to grips with NSPCC’s complex legacy systems.

Finally, we built a Proof of Concept, This made sure plans to move personal storage, shared drives and Lync to Office 365 were fully considered. Our experience proved to be invaluable. As well as flushing out potential issues it minimised impact on staff and delivered a seamless go live. 

As we continue our digital transformation, cloud provides a great opportunity for increased agility and flexibility in IS service delivery. Selecting the right provider is key to help the NSPCC achieve its goals.

Ray bilsby, cio †

O365 migration frees up IT budget for vital child services

This O365 email migration drove the savings and improved performance the NSPCC needed. Joanna Glenn, Business Analyst reports, “We’ve already seen significant storage savings and increased reliability.”

As a result, front line staff are spending more time providing the best service possible and less time on administrative IT tasks.

By improving security with multi-factor authentication we also made sure employees can access email securely from any device.

As a charity, it is important for us to follow a well-trodden path to ensure we are getting solutions that deliver value for money. It is crucial for us to partner with organisations that provide this experience.

Ray Bilsby, CIO †

In conclusion, the NSPCC minimised risk and maximised ROI with a successful O365 migration. Doing this helped to free up vital budget for frontline support services. It also helped to lay the foundation for their cloud-first strategy.

solution overview -o365 migration

  • Envisioning Workshop
  • Migration from Microsoft Exchange Server to O365
  • Migration Assessment & Proof of Concept

† The customer reference was provided prior to CANCOM in the UK&I becoming Telefónica Tech in the UK&I and the names have been changed for ease of reference.

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