Saving 40% CAPEX for the NHS

19 Jan 2021 Healthcare

Luton and Dunstable Hospital have broken through the constraints of using Cloud in the NHS with this Hybrid Cloud example. And by taking this brave, new direction, performance and efficiency have soared.


savings CAPEX




Upgrades (days vs. weeks)

Blueprint for transformation 

Luton and Dunstable Hospital faced a challenge common to most Public Sector organisations: how to do more with less? Initially, Luton’s priority was to modernise its ageing infrastructure. But in the longer term, they needed a digital roadmap to push boundaries and maximise investment.

Now, with a secure Hybrid Cloud, hosted in our Data Centre, Luton has the power to securely access patient data on demand. Additionally, they can fine tune capacity to public or private clouds with a simple click via our cloud management portal.

In this sector every penny counts. Because we can tier workloads, we saved over 40% in IT CAPEX.

Philippa Graves, CIO Luton & Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Hospital Trust†

Performance has soared

This improvement in latency has made a big difference. With increased performance medics can now access systems across any device. In turn, this helps them provide more efficient diagnostics and treatment on-the-move.

IT operations have also been streamlined. For example, rolling out software and upgrades to 4,000+ staff used to take weeks. But now, this usually takes days. And Luton are taking even bolder steps with investment saved.  An integrated patient portal, and Facebook-style apps are just two further innovations designed to improve patient access and care.

Together, we have created a Hybrid Cloud example and blueprint for other NHS trusts to follow.

Technology overview

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Managed Services

† The customer reference was provided prior to CANCOM in the UK&I becoming Telefónica Tech in the UK&I and the names have been changed for ease of reference.

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