Hybrid Cloud Powers Innovation

30 Nov 2018 Information and communication

Design and Communications agency, Emperor has successfully decreased IT costs and improved security.  Now, with our Communication Hybrid Cloud, instead of fire-fighting, they can devote more energy to developing innovative solutions for leading brands such as Hotel Chocolat, Channel 4 and Onesavings Bank.

  • Optimised uptime and performance
  • Reduced support and maintenance costs
  • No dependencies over hardware, warranties and upgrades
  • All data stored securely in a reliable private platform
  • No restrictions for growth

secure hybrid cloud for 200+ client websites

Emperor needed a platform to match its business ambitions. For example, to help scale business up and reduce costs. But it was also important to maintain control and to able to quickly adapt to client requirements.

Following their initial frustration at not finding the right partner, Emperor turned to us to discuss its business plans and strategies. We quickly identified a Hybrid Cloud solution would give them scalability but also the full control and full security needed.

After careful planning, our project teams quickly migrated over 6 terabytes of data to our Communication Cloud. In less than 50 days the migration to our own multiservice cloud platform was complete. This included 6 UK sites and one site in Dubai.

We needed a platform that could grow with our company, with the ability to add capacity extremely quickly and cost-effectively.


managing client growth effortlessly

Now, the resilient platform takes away all concerns about security, availability and physical location of the data. For example, if there is a glitch in one server, another one takes over. This allows the service to continue without disruption.

Emperor is also seeing significant savings on support and maintenance costs. For example, our NOC team now monitors the environment proactively 24/7, and detects and fixes issues. Often, before Emperor, or its clients, pick up faults. Additionally, monthly SLA reports guarantee Emperor always has full visibility over performance.

With Telefónica Tech's bespoke solution, we have been able to adapt and change in line with our business change and growth.

Joe Bichard – Operations Director †

To continuously enhance the service to its clients, we are working together to develop the Hybrid cloud platform and ensure it keeps pace with some of the UK's leading brands.

† The customer reference was provided prior to CANCOM in the UK&I becoming Telefónica Tech in the UK&I and the names have been changed for ease of reference.

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