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31 Jan 2019 Manufacturing

For this leading kitchen manufacturer, IT lies at heart of operations. But their just-in-time fulfillment model lacked the fast, high performance network needed. Now, however, our flash data storage solution revolutionised system availability. As a result, kitchens are picked, assembled and delivered to customer’s much faster.

2 x

Processing Power

4 x

Disk Space


Second Disaster Recovery (Was 2 weeks)

any time, any app, anywhere

Our vision was for two different Data Centres to run as one, with 3PAR flash data storage running Peer Persistence at its heart. So, if one site were ever to go down, business continues as usual.

We also upped bandwidth from 1 gigabyte to 10 gigabytes. And much to the client's delight, this increased speed without significantly increasing costs. Now, with greater performance, disk space and reliability they have been able to re-think their IT strategy. For example, they are moving away from reactive Disaster Recovery (DR) and towards proactive Business Continuity.

Telefónica Tech quite literally out-architected the competition. It was something new, something different, and we’re already seeing the benefits.

Project and Programme Manager, Leading UK Kitchen Manufacturer †

flash data storage solution beats expectations

The impact on operational performance has been dramatic. For example, The time it takes to scan large digital files has massively reduced.


To Scan Files Previously


To Scan Files Now

Cost savings have made a difference too. Because they now have more robust business continuity they immediately cancelled an expensive DR contract. In turn, saving more valuable budget.

Benefits have been more far-reaching than ever anticipated. The new 3PAR flash system and the 16 gigabyte Fibre Channel SAN switches have had a positive “ripple” effect. In turn, this has boosted performance to the underlying platform and applications that sit on it.

Ultimately, this 3 PAR flash data storage solution and Peer Persistence has helped their staff become much more productive.

How could boosting performance with a flash data storage solution impact your organisation?

Technology overview

  • Architecture design and build
  • HPE dual site solution

† The customer reference was provided prior to CANCOM in the UK&I becoming Telefónica Tech in the UK&I and the names have been changed for ease of reference.

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